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The older versions of Excel used to allow you to easily click on bars in the margins and drag them vertically and horizontally to isolate panes on the worksheet that you could then scroll independently through back and forth, up and down with. It was way easier and more functional than FREEZE PANES, which is so limiting. Now you have to hide columns or rows and then freeze panes to get the same effect. Why was this functionality removed?? Can I get it back please?

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Thanks for creating country-specific date number formats. These are great! Could you please also add "ddd-dd-mmm" as in "Wed-12-Feb" as a date format for English Canada? (I usually do it as a custom format, but it would be great to be able to make this my default for all new files.)

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Is it true that if you avoid foods that you only currently have an intolerance to, that in the future the intolerance could evolve into a true allergy? That the way to avoid developing an allergy is to continue to have some exposure so that your body learns to become tolerant of it?

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Thank you!!! You just made my day! :)

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Do you believe you can heal physical illness in the body with meditation? Do you need to do a special type of meditation?