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Actually you haven't given birth all the ways. How about with an epidural? (I don't like the digs people in the home birth community make trying to impugn pain medication....)

I would say your website looks like it is mostly a doula marketing website.

Can you clarify what you are doing for women who don't have well off friends to give them money? Also, what the heck does your website have to do with maternal mortality? That's totally unclear in your marking materials. Seems like some sort of intentional misdirection here...

Basically seems like you're throwing in all the buzz words associated with a certain, very white, very middle class notion of what ideal motherhood looks like in 2021....

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Am I missing something? Again, I think you're citing some very serious issues that have *nothing* to do with the business you are hawking.

Maternal mortality refers to death that occurs due to pregnancy or childbirth. Your doula-marketing-website will not do anything to reduce these rising numbers or the racial disparities in such numbers. (Seee.g. here indicating no evidence that doulas reduce maternal mortality ). So even if I accepted your convoluted logic (which I don't) that you are somehow assisting access to doulas, rather than merely marketing doulas for a fee, that will in no way reduce maternal mortality or reduce the racial disparity in maternal mortality. Nor will a paltry/symbolic donation to a non-profit that you throw in presumably as a marketing ploy.

So you're a new marketing website for post-birth services that mostly only middle-class or above families can afford. Cool, be honest about that. Also probably good to see whether promoting your own business is consistent with the rules of this sub. I am no expert on that, but I find it a bit distasteful.

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Actually maybe you should just cite some literature and admit that you are in the business of marketing doulas and that you are not an expert in public health equipped to provide an answer to this question?

Why are you implying that OBs are causing rising maternal mortality and that if we all just saw midwives that maternal mortality would go down?

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Hey, to be clear, I find this a reasonable possibility. But the point I'm making is that (a) the figure with respect to rising maternal mortality and racial disparities in maternal mortality are specific to deaths caused by pregnancy or childbirth and so would not for example include deaths linked to PPD etc (b) still needs evidence, which seems to be lacking so far.

If there is one thing science teaches again and again, it's that intuition can often be wrong, hence the importance of real studies, especially RCTs...

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Ummm, so you don't like the way I communicate, and choose to label it passive aggressive?

Heck if you want to share suggested rewrites that include the same information but without the allegedly passive aggressive tone, heck share them with me and I'll take your recommendations into consideration....