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I hope you guys know that there's a guy who literally owns both /r/bitcoin and bitcointalk, who is controlling the debate by censoring talk of a competing client. He calls competing clients like Gavin Andresen's Bitcoin XT an "Alt coin". It poisons the debate.

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How do you explain the importance of bitcoin and the bitcoin blockchain, especially after most people only hear of its negative side?

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Here's some food for thought: The guy doing Facebook Messenger was a president of Paypal, and Investor of Xapo, who openly loves bitcoin.

2 Board members of facebook are investors in Bitcoin companies (Marc Andreessen (coinbase and others) and Peter Thiel (bitpay); And both were investors in 21).

It takes time for this sort of thing to happen, but likely could be in the works in an experimental stage. Could be 2 - 5 years away.

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A lot of us buy our food with bitcoin and HODL's at the same time. A soup and sandwich is what, $10? That's a small fraction of most of our HODLings

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This is excellent, thank you :)