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Yeah, that’s why when people ask questions like “what are you not into”, they give completely scripted porn star answers like “I’m willing to try anything once”, or “I like it all if I’m with a sexy co-star”. You can ruin a film’s popularity if you let everyone know that you weren’t really into it.

This is completely an advertisement. Not that most AMA’s by celebrities aren’t, it’s just the questions and answers here are all about sex, and since sex is her job, she has to sell it.

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Do snakes stick around in an area, or do they move along?

This guy was in our driveway about 8 weeks ago.

It was pretty late at night, so we didn’t call anyone to move him. I don’t know how far they roam or if he’s likely still around, but I haven’t seen him again.

He was pretty still, so we were able to show the kids and neighbors from a safe enough distance what a Copperhead looks like. Really pretty snake, although I would not have minded if he had been collected and relocated. Mainly because of the kids and the dog spending so much time in the yard.

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Yeah, but on the other hand, you're not.

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Thanks for that answer!