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Is it staggeringly racist to go to Egypt, Yucatan or wherever, and look at these awe inspiring monuments and conclude the locals were too lazy or stupid to build them?

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If Myanmar received constant unconditional diplomatic support from the US government and billions in military aid every year it is likely the boycott Myanmar movement would have more support. Backing Israel to the hilt imparts some degree of responsibility for its actions to western voters and the governments they elect.

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Frankie Boyle said if you saw someone with a copy of The Guardian in Glasgow, it meant the bloke had just mugged a social worker. Does that sound about right?

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I agree. Saudis receive less US support than Israel but it is still a great deal, and that makes the US culpable for their crimes. In turn, Saudi Arabia been exposed to a lot of criticism in recent years, as MBS carries out an increasingly brutal foreign policy.

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Over half the US states have passed laws to penalise support for the BDS movement. Do you support the attempt to restrict free speech in favour of another country?