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Use the words cease and desist when speaking with the collection agency, or ask to be on the do not call list. If the debt is taken back and placed with another company, it will remove the “do not call” aspect.

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Sending a letter is definitely the stronger method and send a clear message with a paper trail.

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The numbers change because of the dialer system they use. Asking to be on the do not call list prevents them from calling again. You may say wrong number, but they hear that a lot. Often, they can call a “wrong number” again next day as long as they believe that you may have “new information.”

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Additionally, the Department of Education usually won’t send your loan to a collection agency as long as you are making any effort whatsoever. So, if you can’t make the payment but send a single dollar every month it can help prevent collection. (It’s not a guarantee, but it’s been my experience in the field.)

Edit: Sorry, I misspoke. I was thinking of garnishment when typing this, but I’ll leave my mistake for the conversations it started.

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Agencies usually have call recordings that can be requested through proper channels. But, always listen to the lawyer.