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Do you believe that what happened to Zion Cemetery - a minority cemetery being deliberately ignored, developed and forgotten - also happened in other US states?

We know about the Boy's School in Florida which was shockingly recent, but I wonder if this was actually a common way to deal with the inconvenient dead.

Thank you for working so hard to right this wrong.

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Have you or any states considered creating a website where people can enter in the details of old forgoten cemeteries they know about?

I didn't know about Newburgh! My Grandmother's 1850 summer house was in the next tiny village, and because I spent summers there I visited the beautiful late 1600s stone houses in Newburgh many times. The area was actually settled in the 1620s. Wow, how fascinating.

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Have you been following the destruction of US Civil War Battlefields and burials by land developers?

Many soldiers who died during battle were buried on the spot by their friends, who probably expected to come back some day and bring them home. No one ever thought the war would last for 4 years, or that so many would die.

Once the little wooden cross and name marker was gone, the graves were at the mercy of the elements. Developers bulldozing old Battlefields to put in strip malls often destroy these soldiers' graves.

You give your life for your country and your state, and end up under a parking lot.

Do you think the use of ground penetrating radar could prevent this?

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This is a thread for adults.

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This is a wonderful question. When you're forced to remove a toxic person from your life you don't have the usual comforts of being able to look back on your "happy memories" together, and you also can't drive the same consolations that religious faith/spiritual beliefs give in the aftermath of death.