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Dude. I am currently fighting a terminal cancer. I got really sick at one point and was given 2 months to live. Here I am a year later traveling and giving my all towards life. People need to do what they want now. You may never get a 2nd chance to travel, live big and love big so do it now anyway.!I’m so happy for you kicking ass.

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Thank you. I greatly appreciate that :) I am currently running around Universal Studios in Florida having a fantastic time. Mentally I couldn’t be in a better place. I hate to say it but the big C sucks, but I’m so completely happy. More than I ever was before it. You’d never think it but smiling and living everyday like it could be your last, really makes you a much better soul.

I wish you many adventures :)

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May I ask what kind?

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Did you have any say in your uniform for AG? Also, what’s your favorite memory outside of AG that made you completely happy and proud?