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THANK YOU Natalie! good luck for everything. we'll always support you!

StuckOnTheMoon920 karma

you should definitely do that! I'll wait for that! Thank you Nat. I appreciate your answer.

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Hi Natalie! You were wonderful in Rome, I was in first row and you've been so kind to smiling me back at rehearsal! ;) I follow ur music since Counting Down the Days and u helped me through tough times when I first began high school.. I used to listen to your b-sides and albums all day, really precious memories :) I'm so excited to know that you might be reading me! I'm just happy to let you know how your music was important to me!!! anyway one of question would be is there any song of yours that you would like to sing in front of an audience and never did?
PS. it was so fun when you looked at our camera and did a "stupid face" right before performing a song.. I don't know if you might remember that but anyway thank you so much!!