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That's freaking awesome.

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I used to work with John Carmack (creator of Doom and iD Software) and was struck by the juxtaposition of laid-back, devil may care attitude, and world-class determination and brain power. I wonder if you've gotten to work with similarly interestin people in music and games?

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Neil Tyson is remaking COSMOS. Is there a place in the world for a reboot of "The Undersea World?"

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Hey Jason, I just met a bunch of illustrators at the Writers and Illustrators of the Future awards in April. They were all soooo young and so talented. Did you ever enter/win a big contest like that? If not, what was your break or entree into the profession?

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Mrs. Mack's is right down US 1. Probably too far to get one down in a pelican box, though.