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  1. Where do you draw the line between what's child pornography and what's not? Are sexualized illustrations of children child pornography? Are animated movies? Why?

  2. What makes you so sure that this is some sort of a conspiracy against you? What evidence do you have that a person with other political beliefs w/e wouldn't be treated the same for writing child pornography?

  3. What has the Estonian establishment to gain by downplaying the fentanyl addiction situation?

  4. Estonia is ranked very highly in press freedom, and corruption perception index. Yet you portray Estonia as some backwards authoritarian country. Why should we believe you, a person who obviously is biased since you're being prosecuted, over all of these studies?

EDIT: I just wanted to add those rankings, because people might not realize how highly Estonia is actually ranked:

Press Freedom Index 2015 - Estonia ranked #10 most free in the world. Much higher than US for example.

Corruption Perception Index 2015 Estonia is ranked #23 best in the world, same as France.

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The reason very few people have cell phones in NK is that they're banned there....

EDIT: It would appear I was mistaken, since 2008 mobile phones are allowed in NK although they can't be used to make international calls.

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Estonian prisons are actually really nice, modern and safe, I've taken a tour.

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You, sir, are a good person.

How are you capable of judging that? You're getting only one side of the story.

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Do you believe in evolution?