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Hi Ray, love reading your stuff, but one thing I just don't understand is your stance on China. China's culture is the exact opposite of Bridgewater's. They are radically non-transparent. Freedom of speech, religion, and even thought are nonexistent as exhibited by Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. State sanctioned technology theft has been proven so many times (see Su Bin, AMSC, many more). They even stole the American Dream and called it the China dream lol. Their financial position is a house of cards on mountains of debt and least of all they are allies with North Korea! You often say that today is analogous to the 1930s - 40s. Well wouldn't that make China Nazi Germany then? We know that didn't go well for investors. My real question is how can you invest in this country that is in so many ways the opposite of what your principles embody? What makes you think they won't just do to you what they have done to so many other Western companies once they have your trade secrets?

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This isn't a Fox News or CNN issue. Look up everything I referenced and tell me it isn't true. The only way you would not find this info is if you lived in China since you can't look up sensitive historical events there. Xi Jinping is like a paranoid, jealous girlfriend with the superpower to make you disappear if you don't acquiesce with their demands.

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Thanks for the reply. I have spent some time in China as well, but I'm not sure that really means anything. I haven't been to 1940s Germany, but I know it was a bad place.

I would recommend the book "Red Flags: Why Xi's China is in Jeopardy".

I don't know if there was one thing I said that wasn't true. Freedom of religion, speech, and search are suppressed. What is happening in Xinjiang 100% meets the UN's definition of cultural genocide. The Communist party kidnapped the Panchen Lama when he was 6 years old. To spin this as "top down" leadership is just incorrect and a real injustice to these people who are suffering because of it. State sanctioned technology theft has been proven; Su Bin worked for the Chinese army. They are allies with North Korea. Non of these points are debatable, so if that's not the China you know...maybe you just don't know China.

Regarding our biases. I imagine that having a large Investment fund in China, a country that banned Lady Gaga and her music for posting a picture with the dali lama, is a pretty big bias. At the very least it's probably a muzzle. Their claim on these lands such as Taiwan and Tibet would be like you calling some lady who lived next door your wife, even though she has no interest. I don't see how you giving them billions of dollars is in humanity's best interest.

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Unless you want WWIII China will not "unite" by which you really mean invade Taiwan. Xi would only do this to distract his people from unemployment and the fact that his policies caused the pandemic.

RMB doesn't freely trade, so until then it will not gain widespread use. Also people have to trust China, which as luckin' coffee will show you we have a lonngggg way to go.

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I have thought about this a good bit actually. For example, would it have been a good idea to invest in the U.S. in the 60s despite there being major racism? Obviously it was a great idea despite those ethical mishaps. However investing in Nazi Germany ended horribly. The way I see it, is that in the U.S. companies are very much separate from the government, and if you have issues with certain companies, it really doesn't have much to do with the U.S. government. However, in China large swaths of the economy is owned by the state. Even the private companies are heavily influenced by the state. Not only do I think this is a HUGE conflict of interest as it is very tough to promote and regulate yourself, but it also makes these companies culpable for deeds of the state.