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"Hi Paulson. I'm going to take this one real quick. Mike is for the legalization of marijuana.

Mike believes in removing marijuana from the schedule of controlled drugs, just as alcohol and tobacco are currently regulated. We need to stop putting people in jail and release and clear the records of individuals who have been prosecuted for nonviolent past crimes. We need to bring marijuana’s use and regulation into the light and we need to study it’s medicinal capabilities.

Descheduling marijuana brings an added bonus of a potential cash crop for Kentucky’s farmers, provided we ensure that production, processing and sales revenues benefit farmers and individuals and not a handful of political cronies"

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Hey Tony, this is Greg, I'm happy to take this one. There have been no polls, but there is a lot more dissatisfaction with McGrath in-state than many realize from following national press. It's as much about DC Democrats making the choice for Kentucky as it is about policy.

There was an exit-survey done after a forum with the top three candidates, and Mike blew everyone else away with 88%. I think a poll would probably show her ahead purely on name recognition, but we have a whole month, and a debate on June 1st, and are closing that gap every single day.

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We can also catch Andrew's attention, and everyone else's, by supporting Mike! He just turned 58, so we set an ambitious goal of raising $58,000! Donate here to wish Mike a Happy Birthday https://secure.actblue.com/donate/mike58

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Thanks for the questions y'all! Please make a donation or sign up to help us beat McConnell:



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I know you don't live in KY, but you can still help take down Mitch! We have a very aggressive voter outreach plan to contact tens of thousands of voters a day from now till the campaign. Donate now to help make it happen at www.MikeForKY.com/yang