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A+ for effort but apply for it anyways because

A) Finding and maintaining work is going to be hard if not impossible B) This is why we have such programs, so people disabled through no fault of their own don't have to give homeless AMA's on reddit.

There's literally no reason not to apply and if you had done so a year ago you'd be eating better meals today while you look for work.

Good luck brother.

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Also for anyone like us who finds as they get older weed just gives you anxiety, Delta 8 THC is absolutely for you. It's like weed but way milder and relaxing, not spin you into a do-nothing-today anxiety panic attack like all the new high D9 THC strains have nowadays.

CBD itself does nothing for me.

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They mean a keyboard attached to the back of your wrist like is typically done in VR. By doing a motion similar to looking at your watch you could summon a keyboard and type whatever.

Now of course, this is VR chat which is janky so this common feature doesn't exist.

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Wait, so are you learning ASL specifically to talk in VR? I'm so confused why one would do this when microphones exist. Or are you deaf and just never learned ASL?

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Oh okay that makes sense then My bad when I commented your OP had been removed so I didn't see the context.