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Rigorous speculative fiction is really well valued at the military academies precisely because it helps foster an adaptive mindset.

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The problem was that our president was outright lying... again. He consistently lies, so investors and other leaders don't take his word for it anymore unless there's no conflicting evidence, which there was an abundance of. Also, censoring the CDC strongly conflicts with the message of "everything is fine."

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More housing will fix the problem, but it needs to be a LOT more housing. You know how Cato the Elder ended every speech with, "Also, Carthage must be destroyed?" For the next two decades, every address to the California legislature should end with "Also, we should build more homes." Like, you guys need double the housing and triple the commercial real estate.

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Also, a lot of wealthy people don't want buses in their neighborhoods. They think it'll let poor people in and rob them, or some shit. This type of person doesn't even want to remember that poor people exist, unless they want to berate someone.

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Demonetization also means deprioritizing it in the search algorithm.