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Have you ever wanted to do directing or another behind-the-scenes role?

I also just wanted to say it's great to see an Asian actor getting good roles (I'm an Asian-American guy who lives in Honolulu). I don't think there's enough varied portrayals of Asian males in American TV and movies. Usually its stereotypes like the nerdy exchange student, martial arts master or villain with bad accent and broken English.

Getting back on track, you're a fine actor and hope to see you in more projects!

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Interesting stuff, since I want to do DSLR video. I recently started looking at the Panasonic GH3.

From what I saw, the company noticed how users hacked the GH2. They incorporated a lot of those features into the GH3. I get the impression they're packing in as many video features as they can to catch up to Canon. Even just including a headphone jack to monitor audio levels is a boon.

To be fair, the GH cameras are mirrorless, not DSLRs.

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+1 for Hustle. I love the elaborate cons, with the voice-overs that explain the tactics and psychology. And you can't go wrong with British accents.

I actually like White Collar, but I can see why some don't. The humor is often more goofy than witty.

There's a show called Leverage. It's about a team of ex-criminals who steal and scam bad guys. I found the cons too over-the-top to be believable and the acting is really bad. Some of the earlier episodes were okay, almost an American version of Hustle. But things veered off quickly.

Not really a con artist show, but I like Burn Notice because the main character Michael Westen often uses deception and manipulation to take down crime rings rather than outright kill. When he does use guns and explosives, it's more for intimidation and effect. This is despite being a highly skilled covert operative who could just as easily kill. This almost becomes a cliche, where many episodes recycle the plot of Yojimbo: the hero gets the bad guys to kill each other.