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Ooo perfect AmA to run into.

So my brother has 2 chinchillas and a huge cage we've been having an argument recently.

He's had the 1 chinchilla for a yr give or take. And just got a 2nd one that's alot younger and they fight. Him and his fiancee solution was to separate the top 2 floors from the bottom 2 with something blocking the ramp opening.

I told him you should've done like I did with my rats. And that's 2 cages move em closer together a little bit at a time. (I never did the mixing bedding thing) then let em meet etc. Until you know they won't eat each other then same cage.

He is sold on the fact that yeah but they aren't rats...so solve the argument do you treat the introduction the same or is my brother just an idiot?

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Yeah that's definitely an option, the other option is I take his other big habitat and the younger chinchilla stick it next to my rats habitat and let them be friends.

Would rats and chinchillas get along? In the sense of hey it's a new friend or would it be a thunderdome situation?

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Yeah that's what I was worried about is the I walk away for a couple minutes after they seem to get along and then it's an injured chinchilla even fully grown. my bigger 2 yr old rat Wilbur is super sweet and affectionate but hes a giant and would give all 3 of my big dogs a run for their money.

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I guess I made it sound like I was opening the cages and now you guys live together. Both my rats are really affectionate (idk how people get them to take naps with em etc) and the younger chinchilla seems pretty calm. But I have a room where I just let the rats run freely for however long. If I introduced the chinchilla into that room would it be a problem?

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I assume you know who they are, I think it would be an awesome colab.