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As a long-time Homeworld fan I was stoked to have another chapter and it didn't disappoint. Smashed my way through the campaign in ten hours and left hungering for more (in a positive way)! It's so great to have a proper RTS come out!

I wanted to ask what kind of plans you guys had for future Campaign DLC or expansions, introducing new factions maybe. As someone who dips in and out of MP, I wanted to hear what plans for single-player, since HW is known for its amazing stories!

Also, mods. Are you planning on Mod support?

On a more personal note, I used to be active in the RelicNews fanfic community and DoK has made me itch to write HW fic again. What are you guys' thoughts on derivative stuff such as fanfic and fanart?

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Do you think we'll get a ship-tan of the Kapisi and Sakala?

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I might, at that. I've been itching to rewrite The Mothership Sails to Hiigara and since HWR was launched have been editing massive parts of it. I missed writing HW fic, there's something grand about the universe.

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It was, yeah! I got as far as the Ghost Ship mission before life kinda bowled me over. I look back on my writing then and shudder so piece by piece I've been replacing it over the years to fill in plot holes and reduce some poor characterisation and minor mary-sueing.

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Thank you for replying! I know it's quite soon to be asking such questions but I just enjoyed the campaign so much!

As to fanfic, I might take a dip in! I've been playing with a writing idea regards to the excavation of Khar-Toba and the discovery of the Guidestone!