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A lot of these people are scared or angry at authority. They distrust the government, "big pharma" anything that smells of "power". Thus anti-vax sentiment is an easy sell. Big pharma is just trying to sell you shit man! My sister is an anti-vaxxer, she'll go on about "hot shots" where she thinks some vaccines are contaminated and the government is paid to look the other way while thousands of children die horribly. And the news doesn't cover it because they're owned by the same people. And on you go down the rabbit hole. One thing leading to another all stemming from that basic distrust of authority.

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I dunno, I saw veritasium show a guy doing that and it seemed to work. But I think they specified that it took ridiculously dry kindling and a long time to ignite plus he was experienced with making fires like that and to top it off there was no wind to blow it out before he could get the heat up high enough. But who knows.

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Right, which is a way of narrowing the wealth gap while securing the future for citizens put out by automation.

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In most cases, people hear about flat Earth theorists and react with contempt. Did you ever feel exasperation or frustration towards the people you were filming? How difficult was it to interact with people that have such an extreme view about the world?

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I gotta say, this is such a political answer... Thanks for reminding us what the question is, now how do you actually purpose to FIX it? This sports talk B.S. is why the system is broken in the first place. You can't pin someone down for vague niceties after all! Here, let me get an answer out here, how about, every politician who wants to run for x office needs y number of votes to run. For example, city Council, 100 signed votes to run. Everyone who runs gets z dollars of public money for their campaign, and not a penny more may be spent by any of them. Then once you've done a good job there, it's 1000 votes to run for mayor. 5000 for governer, 10000 for Senator, etc. With each position being given an exact amount for campaigning, split among all runners equally and a dedicated forum for informing the public on your issues such as an impartial website without sensationalist news interfering and no bullshit attack ads allowed. Just, here's how I think we should set the laws and no having to raise tons of money from shady rich guys with agendas.