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So, how much do you tax it?

Is it fully legal or just decriminalized?

Can you grow it anywhere you like for any reason, or do you restrict its growth?

Are any of the people you have imprisoned for marijuana-related crime going to be set free, or are you barbarians like the US?

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Next generation of us, hopefully, will deal with this shit once the awful ones in charge now finally die off.

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Disinformation doesn't even feel like the issue anymore.

If anything is a problem with our political system in this day and age, it is that people simply don't care what the truth really is. Much of what's important is already freely available for those who would go looking for it. They just don't do it.

Think about the budget/deficit issue. Is anybody in this election cycle actually going to fix it? If you really think they will then can you tell me HOW they intend to do so? You can't, because the direct information in that regard isn't available. Your favored political contestant doesn't provide that information, only the basic idea and a ton of propaganda.

The person you vote for WILL, without fail, make decisions based entirely upon party pressure and push agendas based entirely upon party pressure and makes speeches and tweets and facebook posts based upon lies pushed by, you guessed it, party pressure. You're don't vote for a person, you vote for a party, and no matter which party you vote for anymore you're voting for big spending and cronyism and lies.

If you really want to battle disinformation you'll vote third party. You'll vote for the smallest and least known political figures because they're the ones telling the most truths and being the most honest about who they are and what they represent. The two major american parties are lies and money and power. Nothing more.

Disinformation is moot when most people have already made up their minds based upon the ideals these parties pretend to stand for.

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My experience (and this comes from secondhand accounts) is that it varies heavily depending on which VA you visit.

I used to give pizzas several times a week to a homeless veteran who couldn't get his schizophrenia meds through the VA. I KNOW he was because once, when he was in his right mind, he showed me his credentials. not like he had anything to lose. Poor guy lived in a dumpster behind a food4less, and shared the food we gave him with other homeless around the area including others in a similar situation as he.

Gotta rate them one by one. As in any large organization, you get people who do the job because they care and people who do the job to rake in everything they can off the backs of other people. It's worse with the VA, but only because of how nearly impossible it is to fire government employees.

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I personally feel as it the legalization of all drugs, and the relegation of doctors to advisors and surgeons exclusively, would benefit the healthcare market immensely.

What do you say to the charge that doctors gatekeeping prescription drugs is the major reason why many poor people cannot access the medications they need to survive or stay healthy?