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I got to meet the Undertaker once. My dad used to be an amateur wrestler and they wrestled on the same circuit. One day a while after my dad had quit and Undertaker had started to get big my dad got a phone call and handed it to me. It was the The Undertaker (he was speaking in character) and he invited us to his house. At first I said no because I was scared of him, but my dad talked me into it. So I got to go to his house and hang out. He was the nicest dude ever. Ordered pizza and showed me some moves. One of the coolest fucking things I ever got to do as a kid. Thanks dad!

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Of all the people in the world to get offended by a dick joke, it's those two?

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What about people like me who love layover that are around ~24 hours?? I fly a lot and always try to get an extended layover in a new city on the route. Any tips?

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I've gotten to visit Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Tokyo thanks to careful booking of layovers. I really do enjoy it! Actually almost had one in Qatar but had to change last minute. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it though.

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Maggot Brain