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I keep jap quail to keep my parrots cage clean so that mice are not attracted to seed fallen on the ground. I have one male and 3 females. Cute little birds, very friendly and they all have little personalities.

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I think we must be twins. You have pretty much described my life story. The only difference is that my stepfather was never convicted due to lack of evidence. I was abused from the age of 5 ( possibly earlier), until I was 12. Welfare took me away from home, but because it took nearly 2 years to get to court, I forgot a lot of the dates that stuff had happened ( even though it was almost every single day). My mum stayed with him and only left him 10 years later when he had an affair. This is something I will hold against my mum for the rest of my life, even though I do love her. I still see him every now and then as he is the father of my half brother and sister. I have spent my entire life terrified of this man. I was 12 when I was taken away from home, I'm 28 now. I'm depressed, unmotivated, slightly overweight and I'm still terrified that he will come after me. I'm scared of the dark, I regularly have terrifying nightmares about him, and I constantly live in fear he will somehow manage to hurt my son. My partner works away for weeks at a time. While he's away I sleep with all the lights on in my house, every door and window locked and covered up, and a knife under my pillow. This monster destroyed my entire life, and I will never get over it. I have been through years of counselling and it had had no effect. I will fear this man until the day I die. I never told anyone what he was doing to me because I was too scared. He threatened to hurt my mum if I told and in my head, if he was busy messing with me, then he wouldn't hurt my brother or sister, I was trying to protect them. Thank you so much for posting this AMA, its made me realise that there is someone in this world who knows how I feel.