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How long do we have! LOL. An unanswerable question only because there’s so many awesome beers out there. The search is neverending. However, as a local San Diego ‘go to’ I will happy grab an AleSmith .394 when I see it!

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Thanks for the questions everyone! I’ve enjoyed the conversation and managed to only dip to feeding one troll. Hope you’ve enjoyed the time and my responses, yes?

Cheers and until next time! -Greg.

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Rock on. Thanks for being a Stone Pasadena regular!

Yeah, in the topsy-turvy COVID world, there is definitely going to be some fallout. Hard to predict of course, as I simply don’t have the data. No doubt that some small businesses (not limited to breweries of course...restaurants, shops, nail salons, you name it) that were operating on the edge are going to be knocked over that edge by COVID. Some may even see it as a time to make a graceful(?) exit. It’s a giant RESET button to be certain. I wish the best to everyone out there.

However, the good news is that beer drinkers will still have PLENTY of awesome choices. I’m certain of that.

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Yeah, as an introverted beer geek, it can get a bit weird. I’ve gotten semi-used to it. Truth is, I’m not nearly as polarizing as some people think, but the most polarizing things are what some folks choose to focus on. Unfortunately, polarization is the currency of the world today.

For mental health, Stoicism is great. You can’t control what other people say or do, you can only control how you choose to react to it. I recommend the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck. Solid read. Real perspectives on philosophy and psychology written in a conversational ‘today’ style. Mark Manson is the author. Great blogger too. Ryan Holiday for The Daily Stoic.

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FUCKING LOVE THEM. Oh, sorry, was I shouting? YES I WAS.

In the early 90’s I got ahold of VHS(!) tapes of Michael Jackson’s THE BEER HUNTER series on Discovery. I fell in love with the episode on the Belgian lambics. Been in love ever since.