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What post are you referring to? Just curious!

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Wow, thank you for the detailed answer. It's very interesting.

When I was a kid I attended an overnight summer camp at Busch Gardens in FL and I loved it so much, I used to want to be someone that worked with exotic animals. We used to play a game with one of the gorillas there, we would all run to one viewing area and stand against the glass and the gorilla would run up and smack it then when we turned around he'd run to the other viewing area, we'd follow, then he'd run back, and so forth. Like a big slightly terrifying game of tag/hide and seek. Awesome memory though.

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Have you ever been or witnessed an injury involving the tigers, if so, what happened?

Also were the tigers declawed? (Which I know is inhumane but a common practice for tigers kept in captivity apparently...)

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Ohhhh okay, I remember that actually. Thanks!

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Well guess I'm gonna have to search those ones out. Love every one I've seen so far, the Dodo bird is my current favorite!