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This sounds like the biggest fuckup of the entire film.. How could you be a sell out if no one ever bought into you? :0

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Did you push your normal stance the whole time or did you rotate to switch and mongo? Also how big did your calves get / how bad did they hurt from pushing?

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Korean Obese vs. American Obese is like night/day. I was expecting some 400 pound guy, you my friend do not look obese. None the less,sweet!! How many miles/ elevation did you gain per day?

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You are an unsung hero quite literally. The millions of people that have read, and probably quoted or used your research to enhance their capacity or own research is mind boggling. Especially considering most wiki users probably have absolute zero clue who you are, or are oblivious to how Wikipedia works. How does this affect you? Are you resentful more coverage isn’t given to you, or do you enjoy laying low?