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I had a hair transplant in Sweden a few years ago, and I absolutely love it. I was told it’s cheaper to fly to Europe, stay in a hotel for two weeks, have the surgery here and fly back to the states than to have the surgery in America.

Why is hair restoration so expensive in America compared to Europe? How do you reconcile the vast price difference for the same result with your customers?

Edit: Adding some details of the procedure - I’m talking FUE transplant, done manually, no robot. Also my head was shaved for the surgery

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It was 2000 strands implanted for 3000usd That included three sessions of PRP therapy where you have plasma injections in the scalp to jump start the growth.

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What are a couple of your favourite anecdotes from your time there, that you’ll tell at dinner parties and the like?

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Sorry, 2000 follicles - Was translating. The price was for everything so that included all medicines (antibiotics, Valium to relax you and anaesthesia and pain killers for after the anaesthesia wears off) wound dressings, PRP treatments and a follow up appointment to check progress.

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Sure I’ll dm you