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I don't know if the blame can necessarily be shifted onto the women in this case. Becoming jealous when they talk to other men and being paranoid of them leaving are huge turnoffs to women, and this probably pushed them to leave you.

Perhaps mental illness is not the only factor at play, and don't believe that you're genetically screwed and that you'll necessarily be dealing with psychological pain the rest of your life.

Jealousy and possessiveness over a female during a relationship are traits of our subconscious mind - the animal brain. The more that animal brain is activated, the less use we have of our frontal lobes - the "higher" brain. This can cause all sorts of mental issues.

I'm not sure you believe in a higher power, but perhaps it's not a bad idea to pray for the strength to forgive those women for leaving you, and to put those emotions to rest.

I'm glad you've found someone else, and that those old traits, at least thus far, haven't reared their ugly head.

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Have you ever had another relationship since then? Jealousy is a killer, man. It'll destroy all aspects of a relationship, and even someone's life.

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Drugged with what? Are you sure it wasn't medication? And do you have any proof to offer other than, "I was totally there! I saw it!"