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I'm so psyched for this show and have loved the series ever since it was first self published. I'm also a hybrid author who "quit" self publishing once I got an agent and am too scared to ask if I can keep self publishing on the side even though I want to. How does it work for you? I noticed a publisher-edition of WOOL at BN one day and realized you must have been picked up by a publisher. Do you still self publish? Do you trad publish first? Some kinda halfsies ebook for you, print for publishers deal? Do you have an agent? How do you go about deciding with publication option is best?

I made vastly more money self publishing than with my 5 publisher deals, but I imagine once you're as big as you are, you might make more with trad? I'm still relatively a nobody writing YA. (and it's been harder for me to get a new book deal as the years go by)