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Have you tried bone conduction headphones? My son has the same condition as you, and he was seemingly able to hear pretty well using bone conduction headphones, but as he is only 4, the headphones won't fit him properly.

Good luck with your surgery. I heard that the process of removing cartilage is really painful - how's it going for you?

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Good to hear. I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly.

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This is a large part of the problem - once you're part of a private firm, it's much more difficult to strike because any action can only ever be localised. Junior doctors are in a relatively strong position right now because they can act as a national group with national representation because their employer is the government. But if their employer were a private healthcare company, they could only strike as an act against that company - there would be no nationally agreed negotiations. This is one of the reasons why private provision is so attractive to neoliberals - it decimates the power of collective action.