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Because its not acceptable for the rich and powerful to murder people to keep them silent. The fact that they were able to get to him twice, in prison, with two guards, two sets of videos. They were able to persuade the autopsy results.

Oh and the people manipulating this are doing so to hide the fact that they're a pedophile.

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I support you, think your organization serves a nobel goal. It's awesome.

It states in your mission that one of your goals is to end sexaul violence by the next generation. This is below a congratulatory message about your 20 years of service. Thank you BTW, but 20 years is also known as a generation.

Is your mission realistically achievable? If not how are people supposed to believe in you as an organization if you can't achieve your mission?

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I fundamentally disagree with your opinion. People lie about robbery, and assult all the time. The current Prime Minister was accused of assault in the house of commons. Elbowgate was a national accusation of assault. Several MP from the NDP and Conservatives called it assault and called for criminal investigation. Now everyone saw the video and that they were bad actors trying to smear a political opponents.

Those are our nation's leaders lying for their own gain about assault at the national stage in view of everyone and we won't see any statistic for that.

For you to disregard how people actually behave with regards to power, in divorce, or ending relationships. It's as disingenuous as your mission statement to end DV in one generation.

I wish you would take this seriously instead of parroting lines we've all heard since middle school. I hope you're helping individuals, you haven't instill me with confidence that your organization is serious about anything.

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I fairly certain it's most important to be good looking and tall. Also if your good to be around and people like you thays important as well.

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Hello from Hali,

I understand the concept that your trying to portray. As someone who checks CBC news daily, do you really believe that they are a public service? I understand that being funded by the taxpayers allows for them to be less reliant on outside interests, but its also obvious that, intentionally or not there are a common set a values that if they're not outright pushing, they are at least leaning heavily towards. I'm never the smartest guy in the room but most of the time even I could see the angles they aren't covering intentionally or not.

I'm actually sort of surprised to hear them mentioned like this because I always thought it was common knowledge growing up that anything from the CBC had to be taken with a grain of salt.Maybe I'm misguided, I'd like to hear why you believe that they excel as a public service beyond other news organizations?