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Two-factor authentication. Smart.

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"It truly was a Shawshank Redemption."

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Ditto, /u/Craftistic. I have a Subway gift card I'd like to give you. I'm not far from the Beltline. Are you free for a coffee tomorrow?

Edit: Thanks, folks. I'll give the GC to someone honest.

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I had a 4.2cm meningioma removed from my right parieto-occipital 13 months ago. You're a champ and an inspiration. Great work in True Detective and way to crush those surgeries!

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What did you think of Codco?

In the KITH heyday, did you ever go out in character/costume? Say, to lunch or something?

What was your favourite character to play?

I backed your Kickstarter project today. Best of luck with it.

I'm a big fan. I hope you are feeling great these days.