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Did you have any close calls with being caught?

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I ate eggs and sesame really often. I ate them throughout my pregnancy and while breastfeeding. My daughter had eczema and constipation so I tried cutting out diary and other common causes of those symptoms but couldn't figure it out. She ended up throwing up her first time having eggs. We got her tested and she tested positive to eggs, sesame, and shellfish. We live in a crabbing state so she's been around shellfish her whole life, I just didn't eat a ton of it. But I seriously miss cooking with sesame oil. So lack of exposure is not a cause in her case. She's now epi dependant to sesame and shellfish but thankfully she grew out of her egg allergy at 3.

Our allergist explained it like this: "allergies" is the disease and environmental, food, etc are the symptoms of the disease. So while my husband and I don't have food allergies, we both have seasonal and dander allergies, so we have an 80% chance of having a kid with allergies. My daughter's happened to be in food. Our son is severely allergic to dogs and cats.