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I haven't; read your book, But I expect I may in the future. Is it really that bad in NK? only I thought the countries economic state may account for some poverty.

However, it's not so UN-usual for people work in the fields. it was less than 100 years ago that the entire planet functioned like this. Is it really as bad as they say?

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Hmm, no I haven't read it, I only mentioned it as China adopted a one child policy due to over population.

Therefore, if people aren't needed they will try to reduce the population over time, as executing everyone would be quite messy! (and cause serious wars)

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*I think they will have labour for their food.

The rich and the poor will be very severe. No one will feed, and house poor people without payment. making poor people completely redundant. It will probably cause a great deal of internal conflicts and eventual multiple civil wars.

I personally think they will adopt a global one child policy to reduce the number of inhabitants of the earth. If you don;t need them to produce anything, then reducing numbers is definatley my honest opinion.

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well, for my personal opinion, the people who have a great deal of money will go on a constant holiday. for the other 99% who can;t afford a personal "Terminator" well... hmm, I think they will have to labour for their food!

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Sorry for my late reply.. OMG- I didn;t relise it so bad!. I'm quite shocked at what you said, but I've begun to understand it. I'm not really sure on how to comment on what you said, im speachless!