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Steeple_of_People here: i generally agree with TedaToubou and mostly agree with John and Julie, but most definitely somewhat agree with Darren

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As a follow up question, has there been any indicators that Covid vaccine production is/will be effecting other pharmaceutical production or pricing?

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In ELI5 terms, so many people were buying on Robinhood, that they had to go out and buy it, too (at a lower price), but they maxed out what they wanted to spend?

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Would your legislation be tradable? If so, how do you expect it to be a liquid market with such a limited footprint? RGGI's regional nature provides a financial hedge and incentive that owners use to offset costs of new, more efficient plants as well as renewable sources.

I'm not sure I understand your goal for the environmental justice. Is the goal to move carbon emissions from lower socioeconomic areas to higher socioeconomic areas? Or provide disincentives for the construction of new emitters, no matter the area?

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What's your stance on NJ & RGGI? How about nuclear subsidies for Hope Creek, Oyster Creek, and Salem?