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This sounds ridiculous but try some pot (if you're in a state where medicinal or recreational is legal), it has many pain relief properties that will most likely help you. I used to get some gnarly headaches after my concussion (from bmx biking) but pot genuinely helps. Sometimes I forget I was in pain in the first place

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I believe he is used as a symbol of individuality, and spirituality. Much like the Buddha is for Buddhism.

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Hey Al! I'm a huge fan, I've been listening to your music pretty well since the begining and I was wondering, is it true you got the idea for "Like a Surgeon" from Ted Mosby?

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Well, it may if you smoke it but there are many ways to take it in, but it all sort of depends on where you live. It will be tough if you're in an area where there is no medicinal or recreational (if so don't bother, not worth the risk) but if you are, I would 1. talk to your doctor about getting your medicinal marijuana license (unless recreational is legal, if so I'm jealous) but look into edibles (such as brownies, cookies, tinctures, even soda) or vaporizing (no smoke, its heated up to a point where the THC/CBD (healthy parts) is released) they won't affect you negatively in any way, shape, or form. Most if not all dispensaries have them.

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Can you please tell some touring stories the fans are maybe not aware of? I love your music, you guys are such a tight group.