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I disagree on blaming the employees. This is a cultural thing. I worked on two very closely related coding teams involved in a crucial enterprise process. One had very little oversight, leadership accepted all asks and we slammed through enhancement after enhancement. The second team had a strong leader who never released anything unless she understood it, it had few to no bugs and it complied with her existing standards. The first team released more enhancements but they had a lot of defects and not scalable. The second team released fewer items but they were cleaner; easier to maintain and update and always forward thinking.

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Why should Reddit care?

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Not in my line of work where it’s all internal. In my business our customers have a very intense busy cycle with a hard deadline every year on the first Monday of June. No excuses. Our partners want it in this order:

  1. Saves time from last year and works in all cases

  2. Works in all cases

  3. Saves time and works in all but few cases

  4. Don’t release it

We have strict compliance issues and the government can come down hard on us.

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What are the benefits to lucid dreaming? Like benefits I could exploit in the real world?