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Alright, here's one. I got arrested for selling pot almost three years ago. I was young, dumb and in college. I got charged with a felony, but part of the terms of my plea was that I get it dropped to a misdemeanor after I complete drug classes and have a perfect probation.

I did all of those things. I did the drug classes the next week and got early termination from probation for being so goddamn perfect. When I submitted my form to the judge (who checks with my PO) to get the felony dropped down, he denied the motion after supposedly talking with probation officer. What the fuck, man. She won't return my calls and I have been nothing but awesome with her.

How do I fix this? It's a weird situation.

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Are steroids allowed? My friend that does it here has his horse on all sorts of Equipoise.

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I have a lawyer and a very good one too. He says this has never happened with anyone he knows either. Guess I gotta pay him more money now!