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Do you agree with the statement that intelligent life is likely to be a found in carnivors than herbavors, because hunting requires more thinking on the part of the predator in order to catch the prey. Can you confirm or deny this from your observation?

Also have any predators that you observed show signs of intelligence with the use of tools/traps to catch their prey?

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I am always curious as to what makes a game developer tick. What games do you guys play in your spare time, if you do? What movies/shows/books have you read that inspired you to make a certain level/mission/creature in XCOM?

What gives you that "creative fuel"?

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How much should one pay a voice actor, and how would one determine a fair price (no exposure bullshit). How does VO negotiate/secure a contract for their work?

I am interested from an indie game developer point of view, if I ever want to add voice acting to my games, how would I go proceed from seeking out talent and compensating them fairly?

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What are your thoughts regarding symmetry in plastic surgeries? (I.e. making sure that whatever you do to the left side looks symmetrical to the right side.) Is it something that people obsess over or generally not a big deal.

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I want to be like you, what courses should I do. I am thinking of doing Statistics (as much as I can get) and possible some machine learning. Any other courses that you think may help?