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WOW, we got a VERY financially minded person here

Before I jump into this question (so people just don't tear me apart for trying to be greedy, because let's face it- running a restaurant is NOT the best way to make money), when running a restaurant we run it considering the LAW OF AVERAGES. Sure, you COULD put ALL items that are super profitable on, but it may not represent a great selection of flavors+options that people want. So there is a BALANCE OF IT ALL.

The quick answer to your question: our Crispy Tofu Balls. Tofu is cheap, it yields a lot BUT the thing to consider is that it has one of our highest labor costs too because tofu is docile, not incredibly malleable and needs to be handle gently.

Percentage wise profit to cost, still the Tofu Balls. it wins this battle by a LONG shot literally because of the yield (but again because of that yield we incur more labor though too). One case of tofu generates at LEAST 60 appetizer orders or more for us.

Shortest dish: the Lemongrass Tofu might be the shortest, but doesn't get ordered as much (but it is delicious)

Longest dish: probably the Singaporean Chili Crab (our other signature dish). The sauce has 15 different ingredients in it, takes about 4 hours BUT over 2 days to make WITH the crab being the last ingredient to add once it's called out for an order

As far as the correlation: most DEFINITELY. Time is MONEY, and labor cost is the most variable of costs so while something may not take THAT much time. we're in the business of volume so take 5 minutes for prep of one time and multiply that by 100 times over the week, not including the time to actually clean up, get ready, ACTUALLY service the dining room too...

Why am I in the restaurant business again?? LOL

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I should clarify: "not so cute", "unpaid" and "they're graduated and were our interns like 3 years ago"

Well, the major change will be ENVIRONMENT. We haven't had a place that TRULY felt like it was ours. People don't put much stock in a way a place feels all the time, but we think it's even MORE important than the food because it's sometimes WHY people come back, bring people, and enjoy themselves.

The space we're looking at we want to do the following: -open the kitchen, knock out the wall -install a walk-in cooler -update all the electrical+plumbing -re-do the bar (yeah, there's a bar - so THAT is an answer to your question too: we will FINALLY have beer+wine to off-set the expensive costs of food) -and thensome (because you don't want to read what I would be spending if we got the money).

To make more money: actually open consistently (most likely 6 if not 7 days a week) to take people whenever they want so they DON'T have to plan. The thing that does is helps us amortize (big WORD) the cost of all our kitchen labor too. We don't have to worry about perishables and can move product consistently in-and-out and increase our profits in the long run. Also, just being open more allows us to serve more people and figure out how to make every day profitable too.

We would also re-implement POS systems, hire management to deal with the finances+operations nitty gritty that I'm frankly not fond of (I understand it, I just don't like dealing with it as much as the big picture planning for the restaurant). We'd also consider expanding some of the options on the menu to allow for a little bit more variety to appeal to a larger crowd do (but remain focused).

And oh yeah, pay people APPROPRIATE wages so they can be happy to grow the business and grow with it. That's a BIG one people discount all the time. Human capital, in a business of hospitality is of UTMOST importance, and we can finally make our staff.. just a lil bit happier to let them know they're appreciated ;)

Does that help "my FORMER interns?!?"

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haha they wish!

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WOW - is that geared towards the guy asking or me? I think it's a fair+interesting question (but yeah, fairly capitalist too.. we ultimately serve food for the LOOOOVE ;D)

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By FAR, the Crispy Tofu Balls is our MOST POPULAR dish. So popular we call it "the Game Changer!" For people that hate tofu/deplore it/can't stand it.. they don't know why they LIKE IT!

(and it actually was one of the last dishes we created out of our illegal+underground apartment too _)