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How did you get those precious, precious first users? I'm just nearing the stage where I need to face this step. I'm a programmer, not a marketer - help!

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I'm scared of this part. It's...it's mainly on...gulp

Facebook. It's starting life on Facebook. Initially I was aiming at smartphones, but for infuriating technical reasons I switched over. It ended up saving me a lot of work, and I genuinely think it's a platform that suits the game, but I have no Developer Cred to speak of. I am indie developer slime.

It's called DoodleVine, and can be roughly described as internet Chinese Whispers, except written down and every other phrase is a picture instead. The point of the game is getting a giggle from the crazy series of interpretations that follow even the most innocent of phrases. I loved it as a kid, and thought the internet might enjoy it too.

When I'm ready for beta-testing/real users, I'll certainly be posting to reddit. I would be ecstatic if you guys played it, but I understand the aversion to Facebook games. I promise not to be like Zynga!

Edit: Thanks, Reddit - you're giving me a wonderful lift :)

Re-edit: There's now a mailing list on the main website (google is your friend - I've hijacked this thread enough!), for everyone who's interested in beta-testing for me. Thanks for wanting to play it!

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Wow - that's an amazingly generous gift. Great job on being what the evidence suggests is a pretty fantastic and selfless human.

You seem to have mastered one of the traits I admire the most: you're someone whose actions match their convictions.

Do you have any advice that could help people learn to live by their own convictions, and be more true to their ideals?

Good luck with the recovery, and I hope your kidney and it's recipient are doing great too!

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Indeed - here's some stats, and an article discussing it.

A more simplified chart.

The conclusion: 4,000x the number of people die per Watt as a result of using coal energy production rather than nuclear power. It's due to a combination of the air pollution caused by burning coal, and because of how well regulated the modern nuclear industry is.