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Thank you for your frank reply. I have recently gotten to the point of being able to speak publicly about my experiences. I will continue increasing my activism, and continue reaching out to men (and women) in need. I have been asked to contribute to Not All Dads Are Deadbeats and the new Walk a Mile in His Shoes campaign.

If my daughters — ANY of them — read this, please know your dad loves you and wants to get in contact.

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That is so awful. I hope, since your husband could not find peace, that you can.

Earl’s death has galvanized my determination. He shall not have lived, worked, fought and died for nothing!

— Murray Pearson, Montreal (ex of Alberta)

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“It ain’t slander when it’s the truth!” — Dawn Nelson

No, I am not afraid of slander even a little bit — if she hit me with slander charges, after all, THEN I WOULD GET IN FRONT OF A JUDGE and she would have to pay the piper a thousand-fold. She will not do that under any circumstances.

Thanks for your idea and encouragement!

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Thank you for your kind donation! We’re at the point in the movement where the law of diminishing returns works at our advantage — that’s a euphemistic way of saying we need every cent we can get. :-)

I am looking forward to working with Dave Flook, and continuing my work with Kristina Hansen (WoolyBumblebee) and AVfM as well as independently.