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It's undeniable that we as a species have eaten animals for thousands of years. To my mind this would have some effect on the evolution of our biology, but we descend from ancestors that were at least mostly herbivorous. My point is that trying to imply that Humans are carnivores is misleading and scientifically incorrect. Omnivores would make more sense, despite the definition of this being slightly vague.

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Given the experience that you have had and are having, what do you think are the most salient steps or actions that the average person can undertake to help reduce conflict and violence not only in Syria but elsewhere on the planet? How do we try and prevent unnecessary animosity and strife? I realise this question has historical, cultural and religious implications amongst other mitigating subtleties.

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As a Vegan myself, I'm curious whether you led the lifestyle before beginning your current vocation or whether it's something you transitioned to since. Have you noticed any differences between how you and your omnivore colleagues go about the work at hand? Also out of the countries you've visited, were there any where you found it particularly easy/difficult to find the foodstuffs you choose to consume?

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Very interesting, thanks for the response.

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We share the same biological traits as herbivores - sweating instead of panting when too hot, longer intestines and so on...