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honks imaginary ship horn

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We really have it pretty good on the ship, there's a few layers of security keeping us very safe. When venturing ashore, the only thing that really concerns me is the state of the vehicles and how they drive...So many close calls and so few working seat belts!! You kind of get used to it though.

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Absolutely! Medical Capacity Building has become a very major part of our programs over the past decade. Surgeon training, sterilization, biomed, agriculture, anesthesia, neonatal resuscitation...we try to identify the biggest needs and adapt our programs to best fit our host country. Screening teams do a lot of this assessment in cooperation with the country's ministry of health and major local hospitals. Here's a great story from Benin.

For fun, there's always people around to watch a movie or play a board game, when the internet's cooperative I play the odd game of overwatch, and the odd dinner off-ship at a local restaurant. Shawarma is really good here.

EDIT: I keep forgetting links.

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I actually pay to be here.

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No...more like this