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Stanley_C8 karma

I'm currently a high school, in an extracurricular orchestra, and I was wondering, how can I avoid getting nervous when playing in front of others, both in small groups(quartet style) in orchestra, and when playing solo pieces? I remember playing debussy petite suites, and being asked to play the tenor celf section in the and freaking out. I didn't get a promotion too, despite all my section mates getting one, because I couldn't stop shaking when playing the Haydn in C concerto. Do you have any tips for avoiding nervousness?

Second, do you recommend any concertos after Haydn in C, Boccherini in B flat, and Lalo? I've been looking for a piece that challenges my skills, and I've always wanted to play Haydn in D, but I think that it might be too hard. I would appreciate any suggestions.