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Arab-American here, grew up 20 minutes from Lakewood, NJ, a town with a huge hasidic community. I worked with some hasidic guys, fixing their phones at a knockoff apple store. Questions:

1) Is sexism backed up by scripture, or is it cultural? I had a female manager but they wouldn't talk to her if they had a problem and would insist on talking to me.

2) Do y'all hate Muslims and Arabs? Is it also based on scripture, or is it just cultural as well, given the whole Israel thing?

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Oh yeah, Antisemitism is pretty big among arabs and muslims - it mostly stems from Israel, even if they might use other cultural touchstones like Muslim scripture to justify it. Just curious to see how it was on the other side of the fence, you know.

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What do people think about Abdel-Nasser? Is there a big generational divide in the way he's perceived? Finally, how is he viewed among Egyptian leftists (such as they are)? If you have the time after all this, talking about the Egyptian left in general would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Is Iran committing an ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians? Did Iran destabilize Libya? Did Iran back Hosni Mubarak for years while he oppressed the Egyptian people? Does Iran back Saudi Arabia?

Iran surely is responsible for some evils, especially those we've seen in Iraq for the past few months, but this is simply not true. You have fallen for the propaganda of the nation that set up the corruption and economic stagnation which the Iraqi uprising was originally responding to.

Edit: the guy even quotes CIA officials in a positive context, very normal thing to do for your average person in the middle east

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lmao, libs get one shot to be normal and they immediately out themselves as the exact same sort of people who defended kavanaugh, well done