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Damn hands

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Think of an industry that has major problems. Public schools? Health care? How about higher education, student loans, housing, banking, physical infrastructure, immigration, the space program, the military, the police, or the post office? What do all these industries and/or organizations have in common? They are all heavily regulated or controlled by the government.

I'm sure Net Neutrality will be the exception... Meanwhile I pay the only available ISP in my area 100$ a month for 15Mb/s service. I live 30 minutes away from Downtown St.Louis.

IF we are going to let government regulate internet service, how about actually doing something that matters. While I'm sure netflix is excited about NN, the end users have overpriced speeds and very low data caps. WHY DON'T YOU Address ThaT?

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Do you think the form factor of the mouse will ever drastically change? With the exception of the trackball, they all tend to stick with one basic shape and functionality.

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Have you seen divorce corp? Do you agree that the family courts system need to be restructured?