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SrslyBadDad18 karma

OK, let me be the first to raise a serious question:

I had ADSL with a fair amount of noise on the line previously but no serious issues. I moved to fibre (to the cabinet) a few months ago, now my router disconnects from the network 1-2 times a day. A Sky engineer came to my house, rewired my master extension, declared that there was now less noise on the line and that I would see an improvement in speed and a reduction in outages but that I might need to rewire the house because the noise was being introduced inside the house by the alarm wiring.

I still have the outages. I get that as it's an old house that I may have "sub-optimal" phone wiring, but what are my realistic next steps? I'd hate to pay someone to re-wire the phone and alarm wiring to find out that it was a circuit issue?