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Do you think that your past as an athlete helped you break into Hollywood or did you feel you faced actor/athlete stigma due to your past? Do you think you could have been a household Hollywood name without your history as an athlete and just your hot ass body?

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I rather like the idea of it turning out to be two kids under there, not three. Then we can see everyone tell Bojack he was wrong all along, even if he was barley wrong.

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The condom


The condom is a mutual form of BC that impacts both parties and i sure as fuck hope you think the women has a right to have some say in the matter as it goes in her vagina and she can feel it.

Sure would be nice if men had an option only for them...

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FWIW it does not only affect the legs, I knew a survivor growing up who had a hand/arm much like the OPs leg. As it was explained to me as a kid his arm had "stopped growing" when he contracted polio, if that is in anyway accurate, a teen survivor may also not have as many symptoms.

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What the hell. How would the difficulty compare doing two Salchows and a triple Lutz blindfolded vs not? Would different jumps be easier/harder blind folded.