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As a fellow countryman living abroad for 3 years now, I have to ask you: how's your accent / pronunciation in English? Have you passed the little shame you must feel when you have to speak a proper English accent?

Funny thing for me is I used to love English language when I was trying to learn it by myself, and now that it's my daily language I find it less and less interesting / coherent the more I improve.


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I would have said so... white. Safe bet that OP isn't from the suburbs.

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There we go with that list!

Kerry James is quite easy to listen to also.

The old timers like myself would have added The Fonky Family, NTM, IAM, Lunatic...

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Words of truth here, for every life event.

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Well, capitalism has to feed itself on the lives of poor people so unless we change the world we live in, it will stay like this and more people will die.