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My guess is that he doesn't consider the economical impact because, to paraphrase McCoy, he's a doctor, not a economist.

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Ugh, I moved to China and only then did I found out how much I remember people by their hair. Most Chinese people have very dark hair and a large amount of the girls wear it long and straight. The amount of times I was for sure I saw a colleague in the metro or somewhere else until they turned around are uncountable.

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Hi Mike! Love the site and many thanks for featuring many of my hacks. Since Hackaday has been taken over by SupplyFrame, Hackaday seems to have taken on new things: the Hackaday prize and the Hackaday.io framework are two of them. Are there any other cool things you have in mind? A 3d-printer farm with your 3d printed things being delivered by drones perhaps? Sharks with lasercutters on their heads? A site which you can use to hit people in the head over the Internet?

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Actually, at least in my part of the world, I see more and more couples (at leas at my workplace) sharing the responsibility. Both the man and woman work part-time and make sure the days they don't work overlap. That way, most of the week there's always a parent at home.

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Much-needed (IMO) TL;DR: The solution is to send patients form letters with a noncommittal message like 'Hey, you checked out of hospital after your suicide attempt. We keep being interested in your wellbeing; drop us a line any time you like', and keep sending letters like that periodically. Even if they're form letters, in the mind of a suicidal person they seem to form a 'way out'; another option to suicide is always to write back and see what happens instead.

@OP: Couldn't you just have put that in the top post if that really is that important?